Heritage Fund Application Form

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What Can the Fund be used for?

It is envisaged that the fund be used to assist with physical works for heritage buildings, objects, natural vegetation, habitats, cultural or archaeological sites, whether the feature is in public or private ownership. Heritage buildings and areas may have protection under the Historic Places Act or District Plan, and be in private ownership or be accessed by the public. The fund may also be used to assist with specialist advice where appropriate (that is, a heritage consultant, ecologist or archaeologist may be required to assist with development of a site or to prepare a Heritage Conservation, Wetland or Forest Restoration Plan).

The fund will not be available to assist with any of the following:

  • Commercial forestry
  • Design, build or renovation of historic replicas (principal buildings)
  • Projects that result in the demolition or destruction of a heritage item (relocation may be considered)
  • Interior refits where there is no public benefit (that is, bathroom or kitchen renovation)
  • One off events, publicity or printed material for heritage commemoration
  • Creation of new monuments
  • Work primarily associated with improving aesthetic and landscape appeal
  • Costs incurred through the lodging of this grant application
  • Physical works where a building or resource consent is required but has not been obtained.
  • Costs associated with operational functions

In addition, the fund will not be available to individuals or groups who have failed to comply with grant conditions over previous funding years.

To complete this form you will need:

  • Written approval from the asset owner
  • Supporting document related to other funding you have applied for or obtained
  • Project plan and site plan
  • Brief of the current state of the heritage item or immediately prior to undertaking works
  • A budget for the entire project
  • At least two quotes for materials, labour or planning.

If you would like help or advice in completing this form contact Council by phoning 0800 924 723


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