Permit to Place Chairs and Tables on a Footpath

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Application Procedure

Procedure to obtain a permit to place chairs and tables on a footpath

  1. The applicant must make a fair estimate of the size of the area the applicant wishes to use for chairs and tables on the footpath outside the business.
  2. The applicant must contact Council whereupon the Transportation Engineer will visit the premises to verify and to confirm the area and location the applicant wishes to occupy with chairs and tables.
  3. Once the applicant has completed the application form the fees will be invoiced. Once paid to council a permit will be issued.

The standard conditions of a permit and the fee payable

The owner of a business that may place chairs and tables (and other approved items or structures) outside the premises of the business on a footpath or other public place is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The chairs and tables must be directly outside the shop front of the business in an area approved by Council.
  2. The quality of the chairs and tables must be of a high standard as approved by Council.
  3. The owner of the business shall make sure that the chairs and tables are kept clean and tidy and that they do not stray outside the area approved by Council.
  4. The owner of the business must carry a public liability insurance of at least one million dollars ($1m).
  5. If the business has a liquor licence, then all the conditions of that licence will remain but it will not necessarily be applicable to the area where the chairs and tables have been placed.
  6. The Council will define the width of the footpath that must be kept clear while chairs and tables have been placed on the footpath.
  7. The footpath must be kept tidy. Loose litter must be picked up and food and drink and other spills must be cleaned as soon as practically possible.
  8. The permit will expire annually from the permit issue date and will only be renewed when the applicable fee, as determined by Council, has been paid.
  9. The chairs and tables may only be on the footpath during the hours of business.
  10. Council may revoke the permit if the owner does not comply with any of the conditions of the permit.


Current fees and charges can be viewed here

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