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You need a permit to operate a mobile trading business in a public place within the Waipa District. Note that mobile trading is not permitted on Council-managed parks and reserves. You do not need a permit to operate on private property or at private, or permitted events.

When choosing your trading locations, please think about road safety as well as business potential. Check the areas in Cambridge and Te Awamutu town centres where mobile trading will not be permitted except as part of an authorised event. This information is found on p35 of the Public Places Bylaw 2023.

Permits will not be issued for age-restricted goods or services such as tobacco, alcohol, or firearms.

Procedure to obtain a permit to trade from a vehicle in a public place
  1. The applicant completes an online application, which involves supplying:

      a. Business name
      b. Applicant name and contact details
      c. Valid email address
      d. Map showing the proposed places of trade
      e. Proposed times of trade (these need to be specific)
      f. Copy of the Health Registration Certificate (if trading in ready-to-eat food and beverages)
      g. Registration number and photographs of the trading vehicle
      h. Goods/services to be traded.

  2. A council officer visits the proposed trading location/s to assess the area for safety and suitability. The officer will also check the proposed times and location of trade against existing mobile trader permits. In the event of a clash, the officer will work with the applicant to identify alternative times and locations as necessary.
  3. Once the application has been assessed and approved by the Council Officer, an application fee will be invoiced. When the invoice has been paid, a 12-month permit will be issued.

Standard terms and conditions for a mobile trading permit
  1. The permit is issued in accordance with the Waipa District Public Places Bylaw 2018 and may, therefore, be changed or revoked if this bylaw is revised or revoked.
  2. This permit can be revoked by Council if:

      a. the permit holder does not adhere to any clause of the Public Places Bylaw or any other Council rule or bylaw – no notice is required and no refund of the permit fee applies.
      b. any change or situation emerges that necessitates this action – 14 days’ written notice will be given and a pro-rata refund may be applicable.

  3. The permit holder will be liable for all costs stemming from any incident or accident caused by their business activity and is responsible for obtaining appropriate insurance to cover such costs.
  4. The Council reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this permit. A pro-rata refund may be applicable if the permit holder chooses not to continue trading under the new terms and conditions.
  5. Council reserves the right to limit the number of traders operating at the same time in any specific area. This will occur at the discretion of the Council officer as stipulated in the relevant bylaw.
  6. The permit holder is responsible for keeping the trading site clean and tidy and for removing all waste generated by their business – including rubbish, oil and waste water.
  7. Any trader selling food requires a Health Registration Certificate and must adhere to the conditions of that permit at all times.
  8. Any signs or stalls must be set back at least two meters from the edge of seal of the road.

Further terms and conditions will be specified for a given permit, including locations and hours of trading.

Current fees and charges can be viewed here

Please review the Fee Payable before proceeding.


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