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Fencing rebates only apply to urban dogs. HelpText
Urban areas include: Te Miro, Bruntwood, Cambridge Township (including Leamington), Hautapu, Karapiro, Kihikihi Township, Ngahinapouri, Ohaupo Township, Te Pahu, Pirongia Township, Rukuhia Airport, Rukuhia, Te Awamutu Township, Te Mawhai and Tokanui.
Please ensure your fence is complete before submitting this application.

  1. 1. Fences must be of a sufficient height to prevent the dog(s) jumping over. As a guide, a minimum height of 1.5 metres above ground level (inside the property) may be sufficient for standard breeds, while 0.8 metres may be sufficient for miniature breeds.

  2. 2. Area of fenced section is to be no less than 200m², or 100m² for miniature breeds.

  3. 3. Every gate or door in the fence shall be fitted with a latching device and shall be kept closed while not in use.

  4. 4. Dogs must be generally free-running within the fenced area, and not kennelled (except for short periods).

  5. 5. The fencing shall be constructed with permanent materials and in such a manner that will prevent the dog(s) from digging under or passing through any part of the fence.

  6. 6. The fencing shall be constructed in such a manner that will prevent the dog(s) from being able to put its/their head(s) through any gap or other opening in the fence. This section shall only apply in respect of those parts of the fencing which border any public place, private way or other private property.

  7. 7. Where an owner receives the fencing rebate and on more than one occasion that owner’s dog(s) is/are found at large, then the fencing rebate may be cancelled without further notice.

  8. 8. Owners must notify Council of any change of address and, if moving to a fenced property, will need to reapply for a new rebate.

Applications need to be submitted by 1 April each year. An Animal Control Officer will inform you of the outcome, if your application is successful the discount will be applied to the next dog registration year (1 July – 30 June).

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