Manager's Certificate (New or Renewal)

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Application Details

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To The Secretary, Waipa District Licensing Committee. Application for a managers certificate is made in accordance with the details set out below:
The following information & documentation is required to be submitted with this application. Please upload the documents to the 'Attachments' tab. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

New Application

- Licence Controller Qualification

- 1 written reference from the applicants employer at the licensed premises of which they are currently working which confirms experience

- Identification (driver's licence or valid passport)

- Valid Work Visa (if applicable)

- CV/Resume and other evidence regarding character, suitability and training to support the application
Renewal Application

- Licence Controller Qualification Certificate if relevant

- Valid Work Visa (if applicable)

- Copy of current managers certificate if not issued by Waipa DC

Details of Applicant

If your application is approved the certificate documents will be emailed to this address
Note: State all criminal convictions and pending matters including drink driving infringement notices (other than convictions for offences against provisions of the Land Transport Act 1998 not contained in Part 6, and offences to which the criminal records (clean slate) Act 2004 applies)

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