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Mobile trading is offering goods or services for sale from any stand, stall, structure, awning, table, or vehicle that is regularly moved.

Anyone wanting to operate as a mobile trader is required to obtain a mobile trading permit.

Permits can be issued temporarily for up to three months or 12 months (annual permit), which can be renewed annually on the anniversary date of the permit.

New applications will incur a new application fee, which will be invoiced to the customer once the application has been submitted. The application will not be assessed until the fee is paid. Click here to see the complete set of fees and charges.

You can fill out this form to apply for a new mobile trading permit or renew an existing one.

Application and registration information

Please Note:

  • Permits will not be issued for age-restricted goods or services such as tobacco, alcohol, or firearms.

  • If your mobile shop is selling ready to eat food and beverages, you must have already obtained a Health Registration Certificate.

  • As part of the processing of your application, a warranted officer of Waipā District Council may need to conduct a site visit of the proposed location to assess the area for safety and suitability.

  • When choosing your trading locations, please think about road safety as well as business potential.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This permit is issued in accordance with Council’s Public Places Bylaw. Therefore, the permit may be changed or revoked if this bylaw is revised or revoked in such a way that it necessitates this action.

  2. This permit can be revoked by Council, without notice, if the permit holder does not adhere to any clause of the bylaw or any other Council rule or bylaw. In this case, the permit holder will not be entitled to any refund of the permit fee or a portion thereof.

  3. This permit can be revoked by Council after giving the permit holder 14 days written notice if any situation changes or emerges that necessitates revocation of the permit. A pro rata component of the fee will be paid back to the permit holder.

  4. The permit holder will be liable for all costs stemming from any incident or accident caused by their presence on the road or any actions taken by them or the presence or action of any of their employees. The permit holder is responsible for obtaining applicable insurance to cover such costs.

  5. Council reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this permit. If the permit holder does not agree with any such new terms and conditions, they may cancel the permit and they will be entitled to a pro rata refund of the fee paid for the permit.

  6. Council reserves the right to limit the number of traders operating at the same time in any specific area. Areas of high demand for trader use may be subject to a booking system to manager trader numbers. This condition is entirely at the discretion of the Council officer as stipulated in the relevant bylaw.

  7. The permit holder is responsible for keeping the trading site clean, neat and tidy. All waste – including refuse, oil and any type of wastewater generated by the trader – must be collected and disposed of off-site by the trader. Any oil, refuse or wastewater discharged onto a footpath or road verge will result in revocation of the permit.

  8. If the trader sells food, the trader must be registered as a food business under the Food Act 2014. This can be obtained from Council’s Environmental Services Department. The trader must adhere to the conditions of that permit at all times. If the conditions of this Certificate are breached, this Mobile Trading permit will be revoked automatically.

  9. The towing vehicle for the mobile stall must be parked off site when operating from Victoria Park, Cambridge to allow more space for other traders.

  10. Any signs or stalls must be set back at least two metres from the edge of seal of the road.

  11. A distance of at least 30 metres must be maintained from other mobile traders when operating on Pope Terrace/ Cambridge Road. This is to ensure safe parking and to allow large vehicles to pull over. Alternatively, the permit holder must position the stall at a specific location as determined by Council’s Officer. The maximum practical distance must be maintained between the stall and the edge of the road.

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